In today's episode, we  step back in time to 2007 and the notions found in a long-lost an article I wrote entitled: Voice + Language = Transformation. I found it when cleaning out a filing cabinet recently.

It was written when I was still a voice coach for TV & Radio Television Broadcasters, teaching them to not only have a better-sounding voice... but to use it more effectively to easily express the full intent within the words, with resonance and "juice".  

Same stuff I do today, only in photography. Imagine that! 


I also refer to the Grounding & Focusing techniques I taught to voice clients  (which I still use to get my own focus and legs under me) - which I recorded and shared in these Woo episodes: 

Mighty Woo of Grounding and Focusing Part 1 (Background & Explanation)

Might Woo of Grounding and Focusing Part 2 (The actual technique)


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