Length: 32:28

I wanted to share something quiet and grounding. Something that could help you breathe a little better and find your equilibrium. Even better, a lil' something that can help anytime, not just in troubled ones. That's what these two episodes are all about.

Here in Part 2 of this special 2-part show, I take you through a technique for grounding, focusing and breathing a bit better. Ahhhhh.  It's a technique that I've used for almost 40 years - and I still do. It helped give my an acting career, it's calmed and centered horses and riders, it's even saved my life a couple of times. I've used it across multiple disciplines and taught it to hundreds of students and clients. And it's so simple. I've never shared it publicly, but I thought it just might be a good time for it. 

Got feedback? Suggestions for a future episode? Let's hear it! Contact me at thewoo@karenhutton.com

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