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Hey, even I need a photographic/creative re-boot now and again!

There are lots of ways to get the fires of artistic inspiration heating up again when they wane... but these are my 5 tried 'n true  faves. 


In this episode, I also share a short list of films I use for particular reasons I explain and promised to list them. They are: 


Midnight In Paris 

The Hobbit 




An American In Paris 

The Polar Express


And likewise, some Masters of Painting to check out, along with an eBook you might enjoy.


The artists: 

Anthony Van Dyck

Peter Paul Rubens

Pieter Brueghel

Leonardo daVinci

Benozzo Gossoli


Ma Yuan



J.M.W. Turner

Thomas Cole


And the eBook, which is an oldie but a goldie: 
Learning Landscape Photography from the Masters of Painting: 188 Lessons on How to See Beauty in the World  by Patrick Smith.



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