Cross Training

Thanks for joining me! 

I started "The Woo" on a podcast called Photography Radio, which called it a wrap about 20 episodes in. I'm going through those shows now, to see which are still relevant and worth a re-visit. Because, my how times have changed in the mere weeks since then!

This episode fits the bill. Cross Training is something I learned growing  up as an athlete. It was all about incorporating training methods from disciplines outside of our primary sport, as a way to become way stronger than merely doing the same discipline over and over. Experience and research showed that you actually got WEAKER if you didn't introduce complementary training practices. Amazing coffee discovery! 

It always worked wonders. Still does! It's a concept I use to this day, to become more imaginative, creative, more outside-the-box, simply by drawing from unexpected perspectives. I think it's fun! 

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